Meet Todd
Todd Graham grew up on his family farm where he honed his skills in training American Saddlebreds and Morgan horses. Since 1990 when he took over the business, Todd has produced over 50 World and National Champions and Reserve Champions.

His passion for young horse development has led him to become an industry leader in American Saddlebred breeding and he is continuously trying to improve the breed. Todd prides himself on his extensive knowledge of American Saddlebred bloodlines, and has demonstrated an enormous talent in selecting specific stallions that match well with certain mares. Not only is Todd a knowledgeable breeder but a great showman. In 2017, Royal Winds Farm swept the 2 year old Fine Harness World Championships with winners in both the mare and stallion and gelding divisions as owner, breeder, exhibitor and trainers of the winning horses. One of the most important factors of winning championships is matching the rider and the perfect horse, and Todd’s ability to do that and bring out the best in that team makes him a multi-talented equestrian and trainer.
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